Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain need crew now!


Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative Employment Opportunity

Papahanamokuakea Marine National Monument

A couple of my Friends do it all on Kauai

They do music, film and now theater. SJ’s newest  project ” Now Who are You” Listen to the interview about the radio series play at  Listen to the 1st part of a 4 part series on you device at January 31st 8:00 PM. Check out Tony’s music seen at, Their films at ;


Better Than a Helicopter on Kauai ?

Check this long time Kauai company out !!


Beautiful Luxury Catamaran Sailing, Fine Restaurants, wine and cigars

We just completed 2 wonderful sailng charters in Hawaii. One of the clients owns a winery in Paonia Coloardo another manages a fine cigar company on Kauai and 3 of my high school pals daughters own fine restaurants in New York, Bellingham Wa and Sayulita Mexico.

So as a fun way to introduce our Beautiful luxury catamarans to our fleet, Here are Hawaii Sailing Adventures Recomendations for the best luxury sailing vacations in Hawaii, restaurants, wine and cigars !!,,,,, Los Corazones Saylulita Mexico


Rule change Threatens Waikiki Beach Boy Businesses

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Beautiful pictures, family sailing on Kauai and Niihau, incredible waterfalls on beaches, no other people or foot prints !! link below.

Thinking of visiting Hawaii? Check this out !! Click here ; You have never seen these kind of pictures of a sailing trip in Hawaii

Going to Oahu ?

Here’s a list of all the Christmas parades !!

Visiting Kauai ?

Here’s a great site for everything to do and see !!

Humpback Whale Ballet

The Whales have arrived in Hawaii !! Check out their incredible Grace and Beauty in this video from Jean-Michel Cousteau’s “Ocean Futures Society